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Some examples...

Utensils and ingredients for cooking like in Japan

Quality stationery and tools

Japanese fashion and trend

Beauty, well-being, healthy!

Crafts and antiques

Real antique kimonos

Furniture and interior decoration

Selection of the moment

Chic & trendy

An artisanal umeshu and its furoshiki ... something to delight your taste buds or your loved ones

The delicate version

The alliance of an elegant bottle and a more reserved capacity. To taste with delicacy!

The integral

Why choose ? Savor the different aspects of Japanese refinement with this box

The team

Virginie aka Poulpy

The boss ! Multitasking thanks to its tentacles and its 9 brains! Loves sugar but doesn't eat it, practices judo and photography

Yoshito aka Yoyo

The HALF-JAPANESE ! Multilingual and useful for the proper running of the company. Flies with the Japanese wind. Loves to eat, eat and eat




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